Drug Policy Futures participatory events at the Reconvened CND, pt. 2

On December 10 our partner organization ECAD and DPF will host a side-event on the role of the justice system and alternative sanctions in drug policy.

Side event December 10
“A coordinated criminal justice and health response to drugs”

Time and place
Thursday December 10, 13.00-14:00
Vienna International Center, C-Building, Conference room C3

Caroline Cooper – Research Professor and Director, School of Public Affairs, American  University
Torbjørn Brekke – Specialist Director, Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services
Valérie Lebaux – Chief, Justice Section, Division for Operations, UNODC
Ali Reunanen – Lecturer and former drug addict. Clean and crime-free the last 21 years.

Erik Leijonmarck, ECAD

Alternatives to Incarceration Event


Drug Policy Futures participatory events at the Reconvened CND

Drug Policy Futures and our partners WFAD, RUN, EURAD and the UNODC are happy to announce that we will organize a side-event on recovery at the Reconvened CND in Vienna on December 9-11.

Side-event December 9
The Importance of Recovery

Time and Place
Wednesday December 9, 13.00-14.00
Vienna International Center, C-building, Conference room C2

Boro Goic – Chairman, Recovered Users Network, representing recovered users in Civil Society
David Best – Professor of Criminology Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Gilberto Gerra, Chief, Drug Prevention and Health Branch, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Linda Nilsson – Secretary General, World Federation Against Drugs

Side event recovery