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Drug Policy Futures participatory events at the Reconvened CND, pt. 2

On December 10 our partner organization ECAD and DPF will host a side-event on the role of the justice system and alternative sanctions in drug policy. Side event December 10 “A coordinated criminal justice and health response to drugs” Time and place Thursday December 10, 13.00-14:00 Vienna International Center, C-Building, Conference room C3 Speakers Caroline […]

Drug Policy Futures participatory events at the Reconvened CND

Drug Policy Futures and our partners WFAD, RUN, EURAD and the UNODC are happy to announce that we will organize a side-event on recovery at the Reconvened CND in Vienna on December 9-11. Side-event December 9 The Importance of Recovery Time and Place Wednesday December 9, 13.00-14.00 Vienna International Center, C-building, Conference room C2 Speakers […]

DPF-Led and Participatory Events

Monday 2:45pm-6:00pm CIVIL SOCIETY HEARING, BR-A, M building Wednesday 9.00– 9.50 a.m. SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVE ON THE LEGALIZATION OF CANNABIS Organized by IOGT International, the World Federation Against Drugs, Smart Approaches to Marijuana and the Slum Child Foundation. Conference Room MOE79 9:45am-10:50am INFORMAL DIALOGUE WITH UNODC EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FEDETOV BR-A, M Building 11:00-11:50 INFORMAL DIALOGUE WITH […]

Is tobacco control a good model for drug control?

It is sometimes argued that the success of tobacco control is evidence that we don’t need a ban to restrict the use of harmful substances. Apparently, the picture is not so rosy red. The latest data from the World Health Organization show increasing smoking rates in many European countries, and particularly among girls and women. […]

Analogies and Anomalies

As the sale of recreational marijuana kicks off in Colorado it’s worth reflecting on the original proposition that was put before the people. Amendment 64 was called ”The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act”. Harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco are legal. By analogy, why can’t we legalize marijuana? The answer is of course that we […]